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""Bringing New Yorkers together for business and employment opportunities"" - We help connect New York business people and owners with each other as well as matching employment services, web advertising and marketing opportunities. We have a growing list of strategic partners.

In today's competitive marketing environment, in which messages must effectively reach prospects who are overwhelmed with information, also offers yearly networking events and a radio showcase to further your chances for new business, new opportunities and celebrates the successes of our new york connections.

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We are seeking agencies that are willing to work as a creative collective network. - 315-256-0601


You’d expect that with over 50,000 job boards dedicated to connecting job seekers and employers, life would be easier for both sides.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Instead, the online employment market has become highly fragmented, noisy and very inefficient.

We have the answer that FITS YOUR needs!

Our mission is to connect job seekers and employers as efficiently as possible. With this mission in mind, we have developed the best technology available in the market today and created a vast network of partnership sites encompassing thousands of job sites, giving employers and recruiters the highest exposure to their job ads. Take a test drive on us!

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Prosperity Business Leader
Syracuse New York - Christa Coir

We seek to educate and empower talent, artists, writers, business owners.

More than ever, it’s tough to be in business these days. Whether you’re an Owner, Director, Executive or Entrepreneur, At CJC Music Associates and Publishing, we offer you a variety of consulting services and solutions that WILL help your business overcome today’s marketing and advertising obstacles.

Mobile technology, internet marketing, distribution solutions, advertising, social media, TV/radio/print media solutions and more you name it - we have it!

Our creative and knowledgeable staff and partners will work with you to create a strong foundation that you can build the future of your business upon.

Feel free to browse our site for a lot more great information. We explain our list of services and we tell what’s available to you.

My name is Christa Coir and I’m the Founder and CEO. I personally welcome you TODAY to Call for your FREE no obligation analysis and a private consult……..

How to get your Syracuse NY
small business to show up on Google

There are many people that are searching Google for what you do. Let's make sure that they can find you!

Top 10 search engine rankings happen only with ongoing efforts or strategies." So lets get to work!

"We were working with an SEO company that had us on a pay per click deal. Our costs were up to $5000 a month. We are very happy to have found Within a few weeks we were able to exit the pay per click game. Now our links are appearing at the top of the first page on most of the popular search engines."  - Steve Shapiro Metronome sales at

1. Website Analysis - We examine your online presence as well as your competition. We also determine how potential customers are searching for you on the web. Then we create a strategy that will bring potential customers to your site.

2. Website Optimization – Once a good strategy is in place, we will implement changes to your website so the search engines rank your website high when people search for services like yours.

3. Link Building – High quality links to your site elsewhere on the web are critical to signal the search engines that your site should rank well. We will create these links on high ranking sites in order to give your website the recognition it needs.

4. Analytics – We want you to see the results, so we also set up analytics for your website. This enables you to monitor the new traffic and how potential customers are now being led to your website.

Many companies pay from $500 to thousands of dollars per month for services like these. Our prices start at $120 per month.

As a small business person myself, I know what it is like to worry about the day-to-day survival of the business and making the amount of money needed to run my business and personal life. I understand what it’s like to put in long hours and wonder what happened to the dreams and vision I had for my life and future.

We are looking a few good business coachs from the
ActionCoach Network that will help our regional clients They work together to redefine your dreams and vision, and then we will put into place the necessary systems, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to turn your business venture into a thriving, successful one. We define a successful business as: a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. My ActionCoach, is my reasonable friend who tells it like it is and keeps you working on the path toward my dreams.

"What sets Mark and his Network apart from other so called SEO providers is the following combination: Despite asking a real low price for his services, he simply delivers. With Mark you are guaranteed to get traffic to your website. So, why should someone hire Mark? 1) results - guaranteed to get traffic to your website 2) price 3) he keeps delivering I happily and full of confidence am introducing (or already have) Mark to all my clients. This is how business ought to be. Go Mark!" - Rene Hollebrandse


People are in distress all over the world for many reasons on many different fronts. People are wondering -- how are we going to get by?

Find Creative Ways to Stay Afloat In Tough Times in 2012...

The Job is to connect with "Active Team Players" and the learn to become a Team Player and NOT waste your time with small thinkers - Join us at: GrassRoots Networking

We believe that the single most pivotal element in your business success is your marketing. The second is working with the RIGHT people. So few website owners and entrepreneurs seem to give networking the attention it deserves! To have a great website, it pays to network with the right sites. In order to build a powerful brand that thrives off of organic Internet traffic, knowledge and quick strategic decision making is the key. At the end of the day, it's all about the people that you network with.

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