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Low Cost Small Business Websites - We help our clients put up low cost small business websites, get them found on local search, work to keep them there, and help build a strong local twitter target market. - Sustainable Web Design and Online Marketing Plans For New York Business

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Many businesses Long Island Business have an excellent websites, the latest e-commerce technology and and fine graphic design work, but are NOT ranked in Google to improve relevant traffic to their website!

Award-winning web design skills are married to cutting edge application development to create great businesses. We provide a range of services starting with internet marketing and search engine advertising campaigns.

Our team uses tools like Flash and Flex to deliver cross-platform and mobile device applications where available, and Javascript on the iPhone and iPad platforms. We believe the future is in thick client applications connected to cloud computing resources via APIs and we strive to provide access to all our customers to these new and emerging trends. Our backend technologies of choice are Ruby on Rails, Sinatra (ruby), NodeJS, various NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Redis, and PostgreSQL. We Design Affordable Web Sites for Long Island Business. was put online in Nov of 2010. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows small businesses and web designers in New York State advertise directly to consumers at little to no cost. Powered with GrassRoots Marketing with and Online Marketing by